We are not just a team, we are FAMILY

Modelux Digital is digital marketing company which provide you complete solution if your digital needs. We offer most of the digital products like, aerial photo and video, photography, videography, website development, event organizer, online marketing, promotion, branding, and multimedia.

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Established in early 2017, we were starting this project with the same passion in digital marketing and travel organizer.

First four person was Zakaria, Akut, Arreza and Kariadi. We comes from different background, yet meet in the same place, unite vision and decide to build something. Then, Modelux Digital was born. The name was given by Syawaluddin, Kariadi's brother, which was also join on the first meeting.

Zakaria is the owner of Galang Bahari, one of trusted and recommended snorkeling and diving trip organizer in Batam. He is originated from Abang Island. Hence, he always promote his beautiful homeland, Abang Island, to become widely known as Batam travel destination for underwater activities.

Akut is the founder of Enjoy Batam, which was established on January 2012. Starting as a blogger with the vision to promote Batam local tourism to be known worldwide. That is why he built the website on bilingual languages. Right now, he also working in digital marketing and online promotion.

Arreza is the man of sales and marketing. Networking is his ultimate skill. Aside of it, he also specialized in search engine optimization. He was the founder of Bengkel Sabda, which is non-profit organization.

Last, but not least, there is Kariadi, webmaster and social media specialist. He made things viral on social media. He ever started his kingdom as a webmaster and made profit from it. Now, he join the team at Modelux Digital to made it even bigger.

Our new recruit, Dani Alamsyahri is the content creator. He made the visual creative and digital content in Modelux Digital.

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